DeepTide Yoga

A path to harmony & balance


DeepTide Yoga by Charlie Granger

To me, Yoga is a channel to inner healing, self-love and acceptance ~ inner motionless. 

My classes are centered around the healing and therapeutic elements of yoga, involving different rhythms and styles, but each of them will have the aim to some form of healing on the physical, energetic or mental level. 

Do you have too much on?

Do you feel stressed?

Are you experiencing anxiety?

Do you have children in exams?

Are you struggling to sleep?

Do you have a heart condition or breathing problems? 

If you feel any of the above, have a mental or physical illness causing you discomfort or generally out of your natural balance perhaps I can help.


Public Classes 

If studios or group environments are your vibe then come along to one of my group, public classes to see if my style suits you.

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Corporate Yoga

I’m a strong believer that yoga in the workplace leaves you feeling more energised and less stressed. As a member of a HR team myself and acting Wellness coach for businesses - yoga should be on your schedule, at the very least.

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Private Yoga or Coaching Sessions

As a Holistic therapist and Yoga Therapy teaching 1:1’s are really where my work truly starts. Private sessions provide dedicated time and space to work on areas specific and relevant to you. Or you may want to dip your toe in the yoga waters before attending a public class, so try 1:1 first.

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“When you do things from the soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”
— Rumi