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Making shapes at work


Recent evidence has shown that yoga in the workplace increases productivity, reduces attrition, lowers stress levels and promotes a healthy work/life balance.

I used to run a sales team in a SaaS company and saw the benefits first-hand from company yoga.

If you own, or are part of, a company then definitely consider adding yoga to one of your mornings or lunchtimes.




Having come from a corporate background myself, been teaching corporate yoga for a long time & work in HR I cannot explain enough how important yoga or meditation in the workplace is! Wellness is now a huge part of every companies success. People are what make successful companies and those people need a clear mind.

A yoga class is a great way to enhance your culture. It facilitates employees participating in a rewarding activity together and raising morale means happier employees. The stimulation from movement results in heightened engagement and more mindful and conscious decision making. Working up a little sweat gets those endorphins flowing.

If you like the sound of a happier and more productive workforce please email me and we can arrange classes to meet the desires of your employees.

Location & Rates

Prices vary between £65 - £160 per hour. Depends on location, number of sessions and requirements.

Private tuition and therapy 1:1’s are also available



It doesn't matter what your office is like. You just need a small space we can practice in. 

Invoices will be provided for your records.

I have insurance. I provide some props, but I do not supply yoga mats. I can help find options to buy or hire mats.


2 weeks notice is required to cancel a class or terminate the full contract. I will also provide 2 weeks notice if I need to rearrange a class. I can provide a cover teacher.