Moving bodies and minds to inner motionless


DeepTide by Charlie Granger is about digging deep into your body, mind and heart to truly understand the real you. Combining holistic therapies as a channel to inner healing, love and acceptance. 

The journey of DeepTide begins with YOU. I (Charlie) am a qualified holistic therapist in eastern medicine using Chinese acupuncture theories. I coach and provide therapy sessions, teach yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to guide others to inner strength and inner motionless.

My sessions are focused around the healing and therapeutic elements of yoga and other non medicine techniques. Combining breath control, strong and considered movement with meditative connection.


Qualifications and Style

500Hr + RYT Yoga Certified & Therapist Training.

300Hr Elemental Yoga Therapy training ~ Bali. This training allowed me to qualify as a holistic therapist and work with any mental and physical condition that someone may be suffering with. Anyone looking to heal their body and mind from a serious imbalance without using medicine can look for a holistic therapist.

200Hr Hatha and Vinyasa YTT ~ Costa Rica. I qualified under the Hatha, Iyengar discipline specialising in the use of props to enable anyone and everyone to experience the joys of yoga. 

50Hr Sound Healing & Meditation Training - South America.

50Hr Inversion Immersion - London  

1 day Anatomy Course with pre & post study

BSc Degree in Psychology & Neuroscience.  My advanced studies in the body-mind connection allows me to bring a greater and deeper meaning to my yoga, meditation and pranayama classes.

Mental Health Coach - London. NLP & coaching.